The definitive guide to bulbs for your motorcycle.

Rebesa, what do I need to know about my motorcycle lights?
In addition to being made to give more visibility when traveling at night, they also function as a signal for drivers to identify our position. Therefore, the placement of lights on a motorcycle is vital and should always be used.
If you are a motorcycle fan and also regularly ride one, you already know the direct exposure you endure.
Thanks to the lighting system, you can have more control over the maneuvers you make when traveling.
Therefore, here at Rebesa you can find spare parts for lights for your motorcycle and always drive with optimal comfort and peace of mind to enjoy the road.
What lights are mandatory on motorcycles?
In most countries, the mandatory lights on motorcycles are usually:
1. a) Front light: A headlight that illuminates the road in front of the vehicle, allowing you to see and be seen by other drivers at night and in conditions of low visibility.
2. b) Taillight: A red light at the rear of the motorcycle, which turns on when the brakes are activated and also to indicate the presence of the vehicle to other drivers in the dark.
3. c) Position lights: White or yellow lights at the front and red at the rear, which allow the vehicle to be visible to other drivers, especially during dusk and dawn.
4. d) Flashing or turning lights: Lights that indicate the direction in which the motorcycle is going to turn, facilitating the communication of maneuvers to other drivers.
What type of bulb does a motorcycle have?
The type of bulb that a motorcycle has can vary depending on the model and manufacturer. Modern motorcycles typically use halogen or LED bulbs for the main lights and position lights, while lower power halogen or LED bulbs are used for the turn signal lights.
What are the lights on a motorcycle called?
The lights on a motorcycle have the following names:
1. a) Front headlight: It is the main light located at the front of the motorcycle.
2. b) Rear light: It is the red light found at the back of the motorcycle.
3. c) Position lights: These are the white or yellow lights at the front and the red lights at the rear that allow the motorcycle to be visible to other drivers.
4. d) Flashing or turning lights: These are the lights that flash to indicate the intention to turn left or right.
How to know the lamp model of a motorcycle?
To know the lamp model that a particular motorcycle needs, you can follow these steps:
1. a) Check the owner's manual: The motorcycle manual usually provides detailed information about the types of bulbs and specifications used by the motorcycle.
2. b) Inspect the current bulbs: If you already have the bulbs installed, you can check the labels or markings on them to identify the model and type.
3. c) Search online: You can search the internet using the specific year and model of your motorcycle along with the term "replacement bulb" or "replacement lamp." This will provide you with information on the bulbs compatible with your motorcycle.
4. d) Consult a dealer or spare parts store: If you still have doubts, you can go to an official dealer of your motorcycle brand or a spare parts store to obtain advice on the appropriate bulbs for your motorcycle model.

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