The importance of the oil and air filter on a motorcycle.

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Motorcycle oil filters are a key element to retain existing contaminants in the oil, whether dirt or simply those harmful particles that are created by the use of fuel, because when subjected to the high temperatures of the engine, most of the times and at different pressures, it usually ends up breaking after a while.
The oil is what keeps the motorcycle working as it should, so traces of dust can influence its efficiency little by little, in addition to running the risk of any type of obstruction, so having a motorcycle oil filter is essential.
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An air filter, being generally composed of a layer of natural or synthetic fibers, together with the filter box, whose function is, among others, to prevent the entry of water into the system, has the function of keeping small particles in suspension contained in the air, before they pass into the combustion chamber and, ultimately, reach the interior of the cylinders, thus preventing deterioration and internal wear of the engine, since those particles included, such as dust, are abrasive for the internal parts (cylinder, piston and segments), similar to the effect of a large piece of sandpaper.
According to research carried out by experts, most of the premature wear suffered by a motorcycle engine is caused by small particles of between 10 and 40 microns (one micron is equivalent to one thousandth of a millimeter), which arrive with the consumption of air. or are retained in the oil or fuel.
A typical filter restricts air circulation by about 5%.
On the other hand, when the filter becomes clogged by dirt and dust moving through the air, an imbalance occurs in the optimal mixture that feeds the "stoichiometric mixture" engine.
The ideal air-fuel ratio in a gas engine is usually 14.7 kg of air per 1 kg of gas.
What is the useful life of an air filter?
The useful life, as well as the maintenance of the air filter, is established by the manufacturer, whether initial or modified.
A technical service professional has the knowledge for these jobs.
You have to clean and lubricate the foam filters, clean and shake or blow carefully on the paper filters so as not to break them, from the inside out.
How many filters does a motorcycle have?
The number of filters that a motorcycle has can vary depending on the model and type of motorcycle. However, motorcycles generally have at least two filters: the air filter and the oil filter.
Some more advanced motorcycles or those with specific features may have additional filters, such as the fuel filter.
Motorcycle filters are essential components of the engine's filtration system and other important systems.
Its main function is to retain and remove unwanted particles and contaminants from the air, oil or fuel, ensuring that these fluids enter the engine and other vehicle components clean.
• The air filter purifies the air entering the engine, ensuring that only clean air free of impurities enters.
• The oil filter is responsible for retaining particles and sediments from the engine oil, ensuring that it remains clean and lubricates effectively.
• The fuel filter captures particles and sediments present in the fuel before it reaches the engine, preventing damage and clogging.
If your motorcycle filter is dirty or clogged, it can have several negative effects on engine performance and durability:
Decreased performance: A dirty air filter will restrict air flow to the engine, which can reduce the power and overall performance of the bike.
Increased fuel consumption: With a dirty air filter, the engine may need to work harder to get the same amount of air, resulting in increased fuel consumption.
Increased engine wear: If the oil filter is dirty and does not adequately retain particles, it can allow abrasive particles to circulate through the engine, increasing wear on internal parts.
Starting problems and irregular operation: A fuel filter.

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